In near future we are planning to start these activities which would be run over the week  in set locations.

Drawing for Beginners

Children can develop their creativity and raise self-esteem using drawing skills. In order to properly manage their instruments, it allows them to communicate their feelings and improve their fingers and grip. For those parents who cannot afford additional programs for children in Southampton, UK, we aim to have a drawing program.

Sports, Exercise Classes

Participating in various activities, according to one study, will improve motor skills for the mental development of children. Parents have a great chance to inspire their children to engage in our sports and fitness classes, such as gymnastics, dance, cricket, football, running, jogging, cycling, basketball, etc. It will help children build muscles and bones that are more substantial and reduce the risk of being overweight.

British Sign Language

British sign language refers to a popular form of sign language in the UK today. We run a BSL program for children who are deprived of basic primary needs in their life. From the brain a work-out to improve memory, and confidence, children can learn all the different signs and gestures through our program.

Garden Club

In the present situation, the Garden Club is one of the activities that most people ignore. By engaging in this wonderful activity, children will learn about concentration, persistence, collaboration, teamwork and social skills. It does not encourage them to contribute to nature, but it also keeps them well.

Horse Riding

According to one study, horse riding not only improves your mood, but is also beneficial for your body, brain, and emotions. It can be a child’s favourite activity that looks like a fantasy. We want to help those parents who can’t give their children this opportunity.

Short Courses of First Aid

If kids try to develop their abilities from the start, then they will hit new heights in their career. Through our different types of short first aid courses, parents can empower their children. If an accident happens at home or outside, before an ambulance arrives, kids can learn how to cope with the urgent situation and safe a life.

Lessons to keep our City Clean & Green

The government emphasizes green and the city environment everywhere through various messages. It is an excellent initiative to clean our city that prevents pollution & diseases. By participating in our welfare programs, parents can encourage their children to contribute to social works. If you teach your children how to keep clean and green your home, it can help them become responsible citizens one day.

Short fun education courses

We believe learning can be comfortable with fun activities. Our short, fun education courses help children to improve their skills. It does allow them to improve their confidence level and gives a sharp to their minds. We want to help those parents who can’t afford extra children’s activities.

Arts and crafts

variety of arts and crafts activities will be run for children of different ages. We will engage kids in fun creativity sessions which will enhance their imaginations and further develop their artistic skills. By arts and crafts children are developing more than just their fine motor skills, they are also building on their patience, self-esteem, math concepts, creativity, literacy and importantly they are having fun quality time. These workshops will be affordable to all.

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