Our social enterprise comes in two parts which come together under the one umbrella

Current Projects - Cloudz Kidz


  1. ‘Play care on wheels’ which is Mobile Crèche
  2. Fun screen free’ which is Screen free Workshops


In near future we are planning to start these activities which would be run over the week  in set locations.

Drawing for Beginners

Children can develop their creativity and raise self-esteem using drawing skills. In order to properly manage their instruments, it allows them to communicate their feelings and improve their fingers and grip.

Lessons to keep our City Clean & Green

It is an excellent initiative to clean our city that prevents pollution & diseases. By participating in our welfare programs, parents can encourage their children to contribute to social works.

Short fun education courses

We believe learning can be comfortable with fun activities. Our short, fun education courses help children to improve their skills. It does allow them to improve their confidence level and gives a sharp to their minds.

Arts and crafts

variety of arts and crafts activities will be run for children of different ages. We will engage kids in fun creativity sessions which will enhance their imaginations and further

Garden Club

By engaging in this wonderful activity, children will learn about concentration, persistence, collaboration, teamwork and social skills.

Sports, Exercise Classes

Parents have a great chance to inspire their children to engage in our sports and fitness classes, such as gymnastics, dance, cricket, football, running, jogging, cycling, basketball, etc.


Proudly Supported by our National Sponsors and Funding Partners

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