Our social enterprise comes in two parts which come together under the one umbrella

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'Play care on wheels' which is Mobile Crèche

After it all comes to normal with covid-19 we will be starting mobile crèche-providing child care services to community groups, training providers, weddings etc. Parents will be able to enjoy their activity, while their children are taken care off by trained and experienced careers, in close by safe and secure environment. We will come where ever we are needed!

'Fun screen free' which is Screen Free Workshops

It will be focused on activities for kids age 6-14 from deprived areas of Southampton. The screens are a big part of adult and children life. The children are already facing the challenges from too much of the screen time and in the future, we will be surely learning even more about the impact on child healthy development. This includes mental and physical health. We would like to give an opportunity to children whose parents may not have enough money to pay for various activities and children are often left home in front of a screen for prolonged periods of time. 


 We are giving equal opportunities to children and young people in our community by providing affordable hands-on screen free workshops for children to learn and create. Also providing mobile crèche services to the community groups and other providers who need children to be looked after by professionals whilst they deliver their workshops/trainings.

Mainly we would be to focus on STEAM

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